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15 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

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15 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

15 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You Featured Image

A woman’s mind is a mysterious thing. We have an intuition that is near psychic, we take a deep understanding in order to love, and we change our minds more regularly than we change our clothes. But if you are able to lock into our desires and what our minds really want, then you can access more pleasures and amazing things than you can imagine. How do you do this? Well asking your girl what she wants is a good start, listening to her is another step, and lastly, be a mind reader whose only job is to please your queen. Or just read this post for a little insight into a ladies mind.

Being Blindfolded

Since the release of “50 Shade Of Grey” and light bondage has become more mainstream and an open discussion platform, women have been embracing their darker side and most would be more than excited to try out some blindfold bondage play with you.

Living On The Edge

I know when you both are excited it is hard to hold back from just running towards the finish line, but if you learn to slow yourself down, your woman would love for you to bring her close to orgasm and then pull her back from the edge, this process creates a sexual intensity that cant be matched.

A Sexy Photo Shoot

She may seem shy. but if you are good at making her feel like she is the most beautiful woman you know, she may feel comfortable and completely aroused at the idea of have a sexy photo shoot with you. Don’t get too graphic with it, use a subtle art of sexy and seduction to make her feel like a super model.

Create A Movie Set

If you two have already engaged in some sexy photo play, take it up a notch and set up for an intimate video session. Make sure to get a flattering angle and have some fun dressing up and role playing. Watch the finished product together and watch the sparks begin to fly as you observe your on screen chemistry

Role Play

It might sound like it will be really corny to role play with your partner. But in actuality it can be really fun to pretend to be people totally unlike yourselves and can really unleash some hidden sexual sides between you two that you didn’t even know you had.

Dirty Talk

Women may seem like demure creatures who don’t have a voice or opinions, but put us in a situation to tell a guy what we want and we are guaranteed to make your head spin. Allow us to open up with the dirty talk and watch your fantasies begin to unfold right in front of you.

The More The Merrier

You can’t assume that all women are going to be interested in fulfilling YOUR threesome fantasy, but that doesn’t mean that most women are not interested in the idea of having someone join the party in some way, play around with ideas, allow her to explore her wild side, and see what happens.

Watch Porn Together

You both have your little alone time routine and your favorite sexy videos to get you in the mood. But try asking your girl to join you in watching some steamy movies. Most likely she will be more into it than you are and wanting to try some of those new moves together right away.

New Locations

Instead of always waiting for nighttime, when you both have gotten ready for bed and your about to turn the lights off, to start getting it on. Change up your locations. She will be pleasantly surprised if you ravage her while she is cooking dinner, or meet up for a sexy bathroom rendezvous during her lunch break.

She Her Some Extra Attention

Instead of going through the motions and just giving her a kiss good bye, and hugging her when you get home from work, get a little handsy throughout the day. Touch her neck, and put your hand on her inner thigh at dinner, show her body some extra attention and she won’t be able to keep her mind off of you.

Take A Siesta Together

She loves to lay in your arms and feel all safe and warm. So invite her to take an afternoon nap with you where you both kiss and cuddle and let your bodies relax together. If you play your cared right, she won’t want to be napping for long, her desires will overcome her.

Hug It Out

Every time you give her a hug, don’t just half ass it, give her an embrace that will linger with her for the rest of the day. Press your body against hers, wrap her tightly, let your hands linger on the small of her back, make her feel wanted and adored and she will be begging you to come home early.

Amp Up The Foreplay

Getting each other all hot and bothered is so much more than just touching the right parts until its time to get it on. Ramp up your foreplay game, be more sensual, and think outside the box. She will be wowed by your creativity, your sensuality and your attention to detail that she won’t want the moment to end.

Give Each Other Cute Nicknames

Put a little fun and lightheartedness into your relationship. FInd something adorable and quirky to call each other and have a good laugh about it, use these secret little names in private and in public and enjoy having something silly and special between the two of you.

Laugh A Lot

Sex and relationships and being together should be the most fun part of your day. Stop being so serious about everything, embrace the weirdness and the funny times, the more you laugh and play with each other the sexier you will become to her and the better the sex will be.

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