Of French Women To Indian: Tricks For Attractive Appearance Of Women Worldwide

Find out what women from different areas of the planet do to look nice and appealing.


1. The women of Iran are proud of perfectly shaped nose

Aesthetic nose surgery are common today, but it is known that they are most popular in Iran where women do not hide that they want to have beautiful nose. Because of their body and hair are covered by a hijab, women focus on what is visible to all, and that is the face.


2. Women of New Zealand decorate their face with tattoos

Women of Maori people in New Zealand have always decorated their lips and chin with tattoos. It is an ancient tradition that is known as “Ta Moko”. Sometimes these tattoos indicating the origin and social status, and today is a fashion accessory.


3. Women from Asia find porcelain as the most important complexion

In Asian countries, light skin is a traditional sign of beauty and wealth. Asian women today nourish the custom to avoid the sun on their skin, because they don’t like “sunny” skin. Especially the Korean women spend a lot of money on creams for skin whitening.


4. Women of France want the natural look

The French are the most attractive natural look without the heavy makeup. Local women say they want to be themselves and to emphasize the natural beauty, not to adapt to any style. The French women find skin care more important than makeup.

5. The women of ancient tribes “stretch” their neck, ears, lips …

In the Karen tribe in the Asian country named – Myanmar there is an ancient custom in which women around their neck are “chained” with bronze necklaces. Decorative circles create an impression of stretched neck and Karen women are known as giraffe. Shaved head and ear fringes are vintage standards of beauty in the African Masai tribe and other tribes, which until now it is remained the custom ritual of stretching the lower lip with a special “drive”. In some parts of Africa and South America, traditionally torso inflict scars as a sign of sensuality.

6. Women in India draw on their bodies with henna

Women in India have traditionally drawn their eyes with a dark line to be more pronounced, and they want to wear henna drawings on their hands and feet. Ornament is the most recognizable Indian bindi, or dot colored jewel on their forehead. The Indian women find it important for their hair to be long and shiny, and the skin is illuminated with special creams. These old traditions modernized Indian film stars in Bollywood.