People Are Minority On The Internet ?!?!?

Over 50% of total Internet traffic in the world is not done by people but bots. As with humans, there are good and bad bots. As with humans, most are bad.

Bots are software applications that perform automated tasks, usually simple and repetitive, with much faster pace than it could be done by man.

One quarter of all Internet traffic bots do good, those who oversee and improve the Internet. The best known are the spiders of Google, which continuously map the Internet and its contents to specify search results. Facebook feeds functions quite similar. Bots of Google and Facebook are together accounted for over 8% of the traffic.
Bad bots often steal content from sites, imitate them and slurp their money from ads. Or make spam to steal user data. Or ruin sites drowning them with false attendance, which servers can’t withstand. All this makes 30% of the traffic.

Last year it the biggest criminal bot web in the history was discovered, which managed to steal millions of dollars from ads, most of those who come through the automated advertising platforms. Bots manage to outwit security measures, faking the basic advertising metrics such as clicks, and even check-in with email.

It is estimated that this way there are around $ 7 billion annually stolen from ads.

There are people on the Internet who behave like bots, often partisan purposes. Except nerves and time, they will not steal anything. Only a lot of effort.