Scientific Facts That We Learned In 2016

In January 2016 mankind was not aware of any of these facts – here’s a segment of what we learned in the next 12 months:

1) Gravitational waves exist – it has been proved more than 100 years after Einstein’s prediction. During 2016 the researchers noted three events with gravitational waves

2) It is possible to live more than a year without a heart in the body and 25-year-old student Stan Larkin is proof of that. He walked 555 days with artificial heart placed in a backpack on his back, while his was removed and waited row transplant.

3) It is also possible to live without 90% of the brain, as a 44 year old Frenchman who still was mentally incompetent and had an IQ of 75.

4) The mysterious sound coming from the Mariana trench is likely mating call of a species whales

5) In Germany there was tested a revolutionary new type of nuclear fusion machine that could be the key to a clean, limitless energy.

6) At just 4.2 light years away in the Alpha Centauri system, there is a planet similar to Earth, and scientists are already planning a mission to visit. It is called Proxima b.

7) The Earth has a second mini-moon orbiting around her, known as “quasi-satellite.” Her name is 2016 HO3.

8) Music cast virus can be transmitted sexually and causes microcephaly in infants (premature adhesion of the skull).

9) North Pole slowly is moving to London, because of the water surface shifting of the planet.

10) Water has two different liquid conditions.