Best Cure For Every Disease Of Our Lungs – Syrup Of Plantain

Plantain (Plantago major and Plantago minor) is valuable healing plant that is unfairly neglected and it his time is yet to come. Even though with decade people have made syrup of plantain and thyme for cough and lungs, our research has shown a lot of benefits from mixing the plantain with other healing plants.

In traditional medicine the plaint has been usually used for outside wounds like ulcer, swelling and other inflammation. It is also used as tea for easier cough, dissolving phlegm, gastric ulcer and for the bladder.

In nature there is small and big, or male and female plantain. There are different by their leaves. They both have the same effect and whichever you choose you won’t make mistake. They are little different in taste, but in their chemical and healing properties are same. It is best to collect the plantain in the summer and spring, when you can collect the leaves and make salad or juice. (you can mix it with fruit or vegetable)

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Plantain has many incredible healing features. One – two spoons a day are enough to remain healthy, vital and filled with energy.

Traditional Recipe – How To Make Syrup Of Plantain

Syrup Plantain is recommended to people who suffer from lungs diseases, those who breath hard, cough and have a lot of trouble in their chest.

Checked recipe for preparing a plantain syrup: take a bottle with wide neck, that can take 5l, and on the bottom put 2-3 cm well pushed fresh leaves of plantain. You need to put 1 cm brown-dark sugar, and again row of leaves. You need to continue to make rows of sugar and leaves until the bottle is full.

You need to leave the bottle well covered during the night, and the next day you should fill the bottle the same way again, because during the night it is going to fall down and make room for more. This routine is done until there is no more space in the bottle. Now in the garden you need to dig a hole, to close the bottle good and to put it in the hole, which you are going to cover really well, with some weight and dirt at the end.

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You need to leave the bottle 3 months in the ground, so the plantain gets the heat of the Earth and the ground. The sugar will help the plantain to secret a juice in a form of a syrup. After you get the bottle out of the ground you need to boil the syrup a little.

You need to drain it good and fill the syrup into other bottles and close them good.

This Syrup Is The Best Home-Made Recipe For All Diseases Of The Lungs

People who don’t have a garden can’t make this home-made remedy, because they need to keep the bottle in warm spot all the time. The warmer it is the better the syrup is. If the process of warming is interrupted, it may spoil the syrup.

If there are needs, children should take the syrup a couple of times in the day with a smaller spoon and the adults with a bigger spoon.