One US Company Pays 12 Thousand Dollars For Interns Who Will Walk Around And Drink Beer

Summer is the time that people usually use for walking, socializing and relaxing. And there is no better relaxation than drinking beer and traveling all summer.

Chain of breweries from Florida – World of Beer, announcement that interns who will join the program Drink IT” will need to visit different breweries across the US and around the world, to try different types of beer, to participate in festivals and beer events and all that will be shared through social networks.

While this is not an advertisement for a permanent job, the practice lasts for four months. Wold of Beer pays 12 thousand dollars and cover all costs, including beer.

Applying for a practice is open until March 26, and is administered through the company’s website. You need to make one minute video in which you will explain why you should be chosen.

The choice will be made in April. The lucky ones selected will have the opportunity to ride the world and try different beers.