Silent Killer – You Drink This Poison Every Day Not Knowing How Much It Is Destroying You Especially The Bones

Generally, most are unaware of the harmful effects of this drink for our health. Worst of all is that it is given to children in large amounts, which can caouse unexpected counsequences.

This “poison“ are soft drinks. According to scientific research, their effects on the body have been published:

1. The first 10 minutes

One cup contains 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is 100% of the daily allowed dose. The phosphorus also enters the body, credited to intensify the flavour.

2. After 20 minutes

Glucose and insulin rise up, which leads to conversion of sugars into fat in the liver,

Image result for soft drink3. After 40 minutes

The caffeine from the drink completely absorbes in the body. Blood flow increases, and the liver begins producing more and more sugar in the blood. The brain blocks the receptors for the hormore adenosine, which inhibits the feeling of fatigue.

4. After 45 minutes

Secration of dopamine increases, which significantly affects you to feel good and has a similar effect to the one of heroin.

Related image5. 60 minutes

Magnesium, phosphoric acid and zinc calcium lead to increasing of digestion. That is related to the enormous amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which limit the elimination of calcium with the urine.

6. After 60 minutes

The diuretic properties of caffeine begin to act and all the minerals, including magnesium, calcium and zinc, intended for the noes, are secreted in the urine and

7. A little more than an hour

The deployment of sugars in the body is in its final stage. You feel energized and mood swings are expecter.

Alongside with soft drinks, water and nutrients are eliminated from the mody, which are necessary for body function. Finally, the risk of developing diabetes significaly increases.