Getting Rid Of Headaches – The HOKU Point

For centuries the Chinese have believed that every pain or sickness is a result of some kind of a flow interference of body energy.

The Hoku point is located on the hand and is believed to be the point that that affects the energy flow. The Chinese have been using it in acupuncture and acupressure to relieve pain, particularly with headaches.

How to find the hoku point?

The hoku point is located on the palm of the hand, between the thumb and the index finger. In order to find it you need to press the fingers together there is a muscle between them that when you bring your finger together will bulge. That is the hoku point.

Image result for The hoku point is located on the palm of the hand,

The headache remedy

Once you’ve found the hoku point, press it firmly with the thumb on the point and the index finger on the palm side of the hand. Direct the pressure towards the index finger. Hold on for at least a minute or until you feel pain relief, after that switch hands.