What Is Happening To The Internal Organs During The Pregnancy?

During the 40-week of the pregnancy, a woman’s body is exposed to tremendous changes. As the child grows, it takes more and more space.

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This leads to a growing belly, right, but also pressure on the internal organs. Often, these are unpleasant moments for the mother.

The movement of the organs can look very dramatic, especially if these movements are recorded during all nine months of pregnancy, as you can see in this video shown in an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It is shown in a few seconds video, and it becomes clear that the human body is one perfect machine.

For example, in the period of 5-8 weeks, the bladder is already squeezed to only a part of its original size, which explains the strong urge to urinate every five minutes.

In the period from 9 to 12 weeks it becomes even more interesting. The stomach will be small, because the uterus pushes the intestine to make space. Fast forward to the 40th week, the intestines are already “gone.” So that’s why it is so difficult to eat in a sitting position.

By the third semester, the liver and the lungs are already pressured by the stomach and the intestines, which are originally supposed to be found a few centimeters below. Therefore it appears the familiar feeling of breathlessness which begins around the 31 week…

You can see the interactive simulation here: