What Are The Nationalities Who Work The Longest And Shortest?

In the UK five million people regularly work overtime without receiving a salary, giving their employers “free labor” for 31.5 billion pounds each year, writes “Daily Telegraph”.

Do the British stay in their offices later than their colleagues in other countries? What are the nationalities who work the longest and shortest? The answer to this question can give the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

According to them, the British are even relatively privileged, because they work on average 1,674 hours per year, or 32.2 hours per week.

Surprisingly, most employees have Mexico. The average citizen of the central US state works 2246 hours per year, or 43.2 hours a week, according to the OECD.

On the second place is Costa Rica, often classified as the happiest country in the world with 2230 hours per year. In the top 5 also are: South Korea 2113 hours, 2042 hours Greece and Chile with 1988 hours per year.

Surprisingly in the bottom of the list is Germany, which is usually considered to be extremely effective. The average German works only 1371 hours per year, or 26.4 hours per week. Citizens of the Netherlands (1419 hours), Norway (1424 hours), Denmark (1457 hours) and France (1482 hours) can also enjoy a lot of free time.

The average working hours are reduced in each country, for which OECD has data. In the UK, for example, an ordinary employee worked an average of 1,700 hours a year in 2000, compared to 1,674 hours in 2015.

Working hours are reduced significantly in other countries too, like Hungary for example, whose residents worked 2033 hours a year in 2000 but in 2015 they worked only 1749 hours.