Is This Real? Archaeologists Believe They Have Made The Historic Discovery

In close proximity to the Tintangel castle in the county of Cornwall British archaeologists found ruins that are supposed to be the remains of a palace dating from the 6th century AD.

The period of the legendary King Arthurs reign.


Archaeiligists believe the castle belonged to the kingdom of Dumnonia.

These excavations are a part of a five-year project focused on learning and studying. The historical sights dating between the 5th and 7th century AD.

With the help of modern technology the archeological unit of Cornwall,  found the palace and more than 150 pottery and glass objects.

They believe these objects are imported from various exotic locations.

This objects indicating that the castle was inhabited by wealthy individuals.

Scientists claim that the discovery peaked a lot of interest, and that the ruins could become one of Britain’s main attractions.