Amazing Breakthrough For Modern Medicine – A HUGE step forward for HUMANITY

An Amazing Breakthrough For Modern Medicine-Spider Venom Possible Stroke Remedy

Spider venom, possible cure for the consequences of a stroke?

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Scientists have discovered a substance that can be useful while curing the consequences of a stroke, the second most common cause of death in the modern world.
The newfound cure is the protein Hi1a found in the venom of the Australian spider known as Hadronyche infensa.

Researches have shown a reduction of 80% of the consequences when the rats were injected with the protein within 2 hours of the stroke.
The same dose was so potent that even within 8 hours of the stroke it showed a reduction of 65% of the consequences.
Scientists think that this protein could have the same effect on people.
Clinical trials should start in the following two years and if it’s efficiency is the same on people this could be the first cure for the aftereffects of a stroke.
The protein was found accidentally, while scientists were separating the spider’s DNA.
6,7 million people die yearly from a stroke, bit this can increase in the following 15 years.