Maybe He Is Just Not That Into You

You’ve been left recently by your loved one, but you don’t know the reason. Here are a few clues to why you might have been left:


He doesn’t want to be hurt
Start with the obvious one, if he’s been hurt in the past, he’s probably scared and instead of being hurt again he chooses the easy way out. He’s probably not the right one.

He’d rather be alone
He took forever to ask you out, he’s probably never going to be able to part with his oh so adored beer and football just to spend time with you, he was never the one for you.

He doesn’t see the future with you
Yes, even guys think about the future. But if he doesn’t see a future together with you he won’t waste your time, which is kind of fair from him. Don’t despair, maybe the right one is just around the corner.

You’re sexually incompatible
Some people don’t want the same things and they have a bad influence on each other. Why give up the good stuff, when there’s someone that’s a better fit?

He loves you, but it’s not enough
Sometimes things start off great, but simply don’t work out. It wasn’t all a lie,it just turns out that things aren’t as you imagined. It’s better to end things while it’s all new rather than when you’re stuck in deep.

You don’t want the same things
You’re ambitious, he’s not… or is it the other way around. The wrong person at the wrong time. Finding the right person isn’t easy. No one said life’s easy.

He’s just along for the ride
You want a family, big house and a dog and he sees you just as a late-night call. There’s nothing wrong with settling down, but he is not ready for that.

You’re taking him for granted
Guys usually aren’t taking things seriously, but not taking him seriously could seriously harm your relationship. If you have a chance correct your mistake.

It’s not you, it’s me
The worst excuse of them all. But look at this from a different perspective. He likes you, respects you but there is just something missing. Accept the defeat and move on.