Self Marrying Is The Latest Trend That Is Gaining More Popularity By The Minute

The latest occurrence that is trending nowadays is sologamy. This trend has been ascending in the USA. But what does sologamy mean?

It means that instead of finding a significant other you decide to marry yourself. Sologamy is when you build a meaningful with none other than yourself. Not legally recognized but it’s popularity is undeniable.

Here are a few examples

Last year Desiree Longabaugh who changed her name last year into Beautiful Existence last year flew to Paris to marry herself. “I think that everyone should marry themselves before they marry anyone else. It helps you take the pressure off that indicates thatyou have to have a significant other in order to be successful”- said Desiree after the ceremony.

Dominique from California married herself and nowadays runs a site that helps you organize your sologamy weddings.

She married herself when she was just 22 years old in 2011, after years of practicing self-love. Dominiques has had over 250 people for whom she organized their weddings. The ceremony that lasts 10 weeks costs around 200$. The ceremony can be held with your closest family and friends or just by yourself.

This is Jasmine, she made a promise to herself that if by 40 she’s still single she will marry herself and she did exactly that.

This trend has mostly taken over women but there are also a few men.

“Many people criticize sologamy. But they don’t even know what it means. It’s not a performance it’s celebrating and respecting yourself and honoring the life and love I’ve given to myself. That’s something really unselfish” – says the young woman.

Many say that this phenomenon is just women’s way of telling the world that they don’t need men to have a beautiful and fulfilled life.

Sologamy first appeared in Asia and had a huge growth especially in Japan. There this is considered as a way to defy old traditions which impose that women should get married while they’re still very young.