The Strangest Places on Earth -Are They Made By HUMANS or ALIENS

10 Locations on google Earth that are unbelievable. They are so strange that nobody know, are they made my humans or aliens.

1.Unusual symbols in the Gobi desert in China

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A group of structures and models still remain unexplained by experts. It is believed that the structure used to be a base for weapon testing and satellite spying. These marks that make a grid are extend in an area of 30 kilometers.

2.Alien Base in Mexico

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If you’re ever found near the desert Mesa Huerfanita in Mexico you can encounter two symbols shapes like circles. According to Author John Sweeney, they’re sign of the hidden bunker of the Church of Scientology.

3.Blood Lake in Iraq

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This lake is located near the city Sadr in Iraq. The lake has been changing it’s color over the years from blue, green to now red. It is still unknown why the lake is red

4. Indian head in Canada

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This glacial figure near Alberta, Canada still remains a mystery. Discovered by accident while browsing google earth. Looked at from above it looks like a head of a tribal chief.

5. Pentagon In Kazakhstan

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In an isolated part of Kazakhstan you can find a drawn mark of a pentagon with a diameter of 366m, this mark is connected with sects and the underground. Another belief is that is just a park in a shape of a star circled by trees

6. Lost island in the Pacific

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In 2012 a group of Australian scientists found an island in the south pacific that they named Sandy Island, even though it might just be a human error. Some believe that it is an entrance to an underwater base that opens from time to time.

7. Lost Pyramids

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Leftovers from ancient civilizations can be found all over the earth, there can be found traces of grand objects on every continent. These ones are found in a dessert in America, still remained unexplored.

8. Ancient Stonehenge in Jordan

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Satellite images helped in the discovery of this rings in the shape of a complex structure that date from over 8500 years. These are believed to be used to track time.

9. Antique swastika

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Over 50 geoglyphs were found in the north part of Kazakhstan. They’re made of trees and earth mounds. They are believed to be over 2000 years old.

10. UFO in Australia

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In central Australia a triangle can be found that is enlightened and is seen floating above the ground. With a tower in the middle is believed to be transmitting control signals. The main mystery is where are they being transmitted to?