The Wisest Sign Of Them ALL

Probably unexpected by the wisest sign of them all is none other than Aquarius.

Constant wisdom searchers. They always speak their mind and tell the truth. They are quite objectively and don’t let their emotions to interfere.”

These are some of the main traits of this sign.

Independence is necessary for their happiness, they need to be free in order to be happy.

At first sight they might seem heartless, but in them you’ll find the most loyal companion of them all. They will always be there when you need them the most. They’ll give you everything they have and ask nothing in return, just to see you happy.

They want their life to have a meaning, that’s why they might become politicians, social workers or psychologists.

They’re always searching for wisdom and will always speak their mind. Emotions will never cloud their judgement, they will ways remain objective and truthful even if it hurts. Constantly searching for new things to learn, forming new opinions, discovering.

They are a paradox as much as they enjoy being alone, they enjoy being in big company also.