This Mother Gives Her Son CANABIS Oil To Cut His PAINS (VIDEO)

Doctors were certain that Deryn had only a few days left to live, but then days became weeks and weeks became years.

Things took a turn for better when his mother took things into her own hands.

After the last bone marrow transplantation was unsuccessful thing started to get worse. Deryn has been fighting 2 types of cancer since he was 10 years old. After his 14th birthday he’s parents were aware of the fact that they might lose him.

With doctors running out of options the mother took things into her own hands, without anyone knowing they started giving him cannabis oil and the results were immediately visible.


Even though cannabis is illegal and could get the parents in trouble they stopped at nothing. They found a dealer and looked up recipes online on ways to make the oil.

When all things seemed to be lost his condition began to improve. And then the days became weeks, the weeks months, the months years.

Today Deryn is 17 teenager who enjoys life.