Literally Out Of This World – Floating SKYSCRAPER (VIDEO)

The futuristic ‘Analemma’ skyscraper was revealed by „Clouds Architecture Office“  and is supposed to hang from an asteroid that’ll circle 50.000 km above the Earth’s surface.


A New York architecture firm introduced floating skyscraper possibly the biggest building ever made.

Attached with an extremely strong cable the skyscraper will be suspended from an asteroid and placed in “eccentric geosynchronous orbit”.

Which means that the tower is always in motion and will switch between the northern and the southern hemisphere, you’ll eat your breakfast in New York and dinner in Dubai.

The lower parts are reserved for businesses and the upper part for residents, they will even have a garden.

Electricity will be supplied by using solar panels and water will be provided by a recycling system using rain and clouds.

Because the tower is in the air it’ll be easy to move anywhere and avoid natural disasters.