8 Mandela Effects That Will Totally Mess Your Brain

For sure everyone had Mandela effect once or twice, or many times.

Sharing a same vivid memory with many people that actually never happened – that’s Mandela effect.
This is one of the most popular conspiracy theory on the internet recently.


This phenomenon mess thousands of brains that has non relations to each other but remember the same event on the same wrong way that actually never happened. Everything starts with the death of Nelson Mandela in 2013. Many people were totally confused because they were convinced that Mandela died in  prison in 1980’s.

Many people believed that that this happens as a result of time traveling, others think that is a result of parallel realties. No matter what is the reason, still, having large groups of people that have same false memory is pretty strange.
Here are only few examples of something we are sure you also would misremembering:

  1. Misremembering: The Flintstones
    Correct: The Flinstones
  2. Misremembering: Meyer
    Correct: Mayer
  3. Misremembering: Sex in the City
    Correct: Sex and the City
  4. Misremembering: Looney Toons
    Correct: Looney Tunes
  5. Misremembering: Interview with a vampire
    Correct: Interview with the vampire
  6. Misremembering: “Luke, I am your father”
    Correct: “No, I am your father”
  7. Misremembering: “Life is like a box of chocolates.”
    Correct: “”Life was like a box of chocolates.”
  8. Misremembering: “Mirror Mirror on the wall”
    Correct: “Magic Mirror on the wall”