Quadruple Amputee Is UNSTOPPABLE, Climbs Matterhorn2 – Video

In 1999 Jamie Andrew and his friend James Fisher get caught in snow storm on the north side of the Les Droites on Mont Blanc.

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The bad conditions remain for over five days where the pair remains trapped on the top. Fisher doesn’t make it through and Jamie loses all four extremities.

The accident happened due to an unprecise weather forecast, which didn’t manage to predict the storm.

18 years later he manages to become the first amputated climber on Matterhorn, but this story is only a part of his inspirational story after the accident.

Not long after the accident Jamie is restless, after just three months he overcomes basic movements and moves on to more complex sports like running, swimming and snowboarding.

After accepting his situation, armed with enthusiasm the quadruple amputee was ready to face any challenge.

Hiking with his prosthetics was a natural evolutional process for him, a year and a half later he climbed the highest mountain in Britain.

“A mountain is just a mountain. In the end, it is pointless if by climbing you don’t climb over your internal barriers” – James Andrew