The Future Of Humanity According To The Man Who Fell Into A Coma And Traveled To The Year 3906

In 1921, Paul Amadeus Dienach, a teacher from Austria, who had health problems, fell into a coma that lasted a year. During that time his mind traveled into the future in a body of another man who lives in the year 3906.

In his book, Paul said that the people of the future understood his condition and called it “retrieval of consciousness”. They told him all the important events between 21 to 39 century, refusing to tell him about the 20th century because they felt that it can disturb the entire human era.

Paul after his awakening in 1922 recorded his first predictions in his personal diary, and later in his book.

According to Paul from 2000 until 2300 humanity will have problems with the overpopulation, environmental degradation, flawed monetary system, economic problems, lack of healthy fruits and smaller wars at local level.

Also people will fight for financial survival and will neglect the spiritual life. Sounds familiar?

In 2204 Mars will be colonized, with 20 million people, but in 2265 they all will perish in natural disasters and Mars will never be colonized again.

2309 is reserved for global war, where most of the people with yellow and black race will lose their lives. The money will not exist in 2396 and will have equal resources for all.

People will get supernatural abilities in 3382, which will be called hyper intuition and hyper vision. And “The Golden Age”, which we all are waiting will run from 3400 to 4000.

Was Dienach crazy or this all sounds so amazing it could be true remains to see with in the future generations