According To The Claims Of Many Renowned Scientists-Time Travelling Is Possible

The dilemma circulated for 4 centuries of whether there is a journey through time and on this subject we have countless books and films, but yet the theory is not sufficiently researched.

Throughout the years, the modern scientists and physicists have achieved great progress, and with the help of experts they came to the common conclusion that the journey to the past is impossible.But we could travel into the future.

One of the first scientists who mentioned the time travelling is Albert Einstein, who assumed that if someone travels at the speed of light off the planet, then the time will literally slow down for the passenger, while for the people of the country the time will resume with normal pace.

Albert Einstein

After Einstein, the physicist Brian Greene said: “Imagine that you go on a spaceship, you move with the speed of light on the road for 6 months and you are back after 6 months. When you exit the ship you will be a year older, but Earth has gone through many, many years.” It can have gone through 10,000, 100,000 or a million years depending on how close to the speed of light you traveled.

Brian Greene


The most important comments about time travelling has given Stephen Hawking, the greatest theoretical physicist of modern society. Hawking’s theory is as follows: “You need 6 years to reach the required speeds. After the first two years you will reach half of the light speed and be far from the solar system. After two years you will be traveling with 90% of the speed of light and it will take you another two years to reach the maximum speed of 98% of the speed of light and every day the ship will be like a year on the earth.”

Stephen Hawking

With this kind of speed the traveling to the end of the galaxy would take just 80 years. Many scientists agree with the theory of Hawking. Thanks to the theory of relativity of Einstein more scientists are attached to and go a step forward towards the realization of this futuristic theory that would change the course of humanity.