The Letter That Helped Them To Save Their Marriage Till The End!

They spent full 50 years of marriage and their relationship will be remembered as one of the most beautiful love stories.

On the day of their wedding the famous Hollywood actor Paul Newman wrote a letter to his wife, equally famous actress Joanne Woodward in which he described how he sees their future marriage.

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They got married in 1958 in Las Vegas. Paul read the letter to his wife on their wedding day:

“Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens. A good marriage should be created. The art of marriage is to see the small things as they are big things.

Never be too old to hold hands. To say “I love you” at least once a day. Do not go to sleep in the midle of argument. Do not take the behavior of others for granted.

The courtship should not end with the honeymoon, it should last a lifetime. To share the common values and goals. To go together through life and create a circle of love, which will gather the whole family.

Satisfy the other, not because of duty and sacrifice but because of joy. Be thankful and learn how to express your appreciation. Do not expect your husband or wife to be an angel. Do not demand the perfection in one another.

To nurture the patience, restraint, understanding and the sense of humor, learn about forgiveness and forgetting.  Seek together the good and the beautiful.

To develop a relationship in which the independence is equal, interdependence and responsibilities are equally divided. Do not be just spouse, but be a complete partner. ”

Although the loyalty is almost unthinkable in Hollywood, the famous actor explained how he ramined faithful to his beloved Joanne all those years: “I have meat at home, so why sould I go somewhere to eat hamburger” – he once told to the American journalists.

They lived together for 50 years, acted together, created, raised three daughters. In their case the adage goes, “till death do us apart.” Paul left his beloved Joanne in 2008 after a difficult battle with lung cancer.