Croatia Is Opening The First Hospital For Internet Addicts.

The Psychiatric Hospital “Saint Ivan” in Zagreb, opens up the day hospital in Monday, which is the first in Croatia giving a systematic solution for dealing with problems of dependence on the virtual world of computer games, social networks and the Internet, which is increasing significantly in Europe.

Although this modern addiction still don’t have official medical diagnosis, experts are confident that the problem exists and that idividuals really needs a professional assistance if they spend to much time on the computer, mobile or tablet.

“The hospital in Zagreb is designed for those who remain for hours on the Internet and lose control time and are anxious if they do not have Internet access”, said Dr. Irena Rojnikj Palavra, a psychiatrist at the hospital “Saint Ivan”.

Internet addiction is the closest to gambling since the common denominator is the absence of a psychoactive substance.

Loss of control over time spent on the Internet, problems of interpersonal relationships, psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression or insomnia, back pain, tingling eyes.

All this leads to the conclusion that people who have a problem with excessive internet use should seek a professional help.

The program will mostly be aimed at young people. Experts believe that the young people who are growing up in adverse family environment, are lonely, have low self-esteem are at risk.

The girls prefer social networks, while boys tend to games. Watching porn is also a common male preserve.

The first research on this type of addiction began in the 90s in America. Today there are centers in England, Greece and is still studying in Sweden, the Far East, and South Korea.