German Scientists Have Discovered A Protein That Probably Could Change Our Whole Existence

They discovered a protein that can can make old blood young again. They are working towards a drug that can encourage your cells to behave more youthfully.


In the bone marrow of mice the lack of osteopontin was the cause of sped up aging. They also found that when mixed the old cells with the protein they started to behave like their younger counterparts.

White blood cells were produced quicker, an ability that is known to get worse with aging.Both red and white blood cells are made by stem cells that are created by ‘mothers’ in the bone marrow.

Scientists know that these cells often deplete in old age, and this has previously been linked to the world’s leading killer.For long time heart benefits have been known from the transfusion of young blood.

The results from the therapy are immediate, the so-called vampire therapy  can repair muscle tissue, as well as the brain and liver within 24 hours. While it does seem to improve the overall health it does not improve the brain cells.