Researchers Have Turned A Spinach Leaf Into Working Heart Tissue (VIDEO)

The latest scientific breakthrough might just be the way to save millions of people and help them recover faster from a heartattack.

The scientists used spinach leaves to inject a blood like substance into them. They prooved to a suitable replacement  for the humans delicate veins because of their capability to deliver blood via a vascular system into the new tissue.

.Even though the transportation of chemicals is different  in animals and plants,  the network capillaries are very similar.

Although plants and animals transport chemicals around the body in very different ways, the networks of capillaries by which they do so are quite similar. The plant tissue  can be used to treat injuries.

Plant cells from leaves were stripped. Fluids similar to human blood cells were sent through the spinach’s vessels. They then seeded human cells that are used to line blood vessels into it.

Researchers are confident that this technique could one day be used to grow healthy human organs or regenerate damaged body tissue such as that caused by a heart attack.