The Actress Sends Plea To All: “Remember The Symptoms Of Cancer That I Ignored For One Year”

When a few years ago, the young British actress Lorna Nixon Brown noticed a lump in her neck, she does not actually assumed that it is cancer.

She heard the terrible news even a year later. After a few months my mother noticed a bulge on the front left side of my neck, and besides, she mentioned that I look weak.

Lorna told that she had to make a career break to start with treatments after the doctors concluded that the bulge on her neck is actually thyroid cancer.

Fortunately, the groveling disease was discovered in time.

Today, Brown is already one year “clean” and she is committed activist to the fight against cancer. She regularly runs marathons to help the organizations that help patients with this terrible disease, and social networks that are trying to educate the public about the symptoms and to raise people’s consciousness.

“Go, and regularly test yourselves and if you notice any changes, go and see a doctor.

I ignored my symptoms for almost a year and it could cost me my life, ”told Lorna in a recent announcement on Twitter.