The Power Of The Sun Is Just A One Push Of A Button Away

An artificial sun was switched on in a small town in Germany by its scientist with hope that it will help them to find a new way of producing an ecological fuel.


The device officially called “Synlight” consists of 149 xenon lamps, which are usually used in film studios to simulate daylight.

The German scientists say that with focusing all of the light waves at a surface 20x20cm. They can create a radiation 10.000 times stronger than the natural one.

According to the director of the Institute for solar researches Bernhard Hoffschmidt, creating a high temperature of over 3000°C will be key for testing the new ways for getting hydrogen.

Many believe that Hydrogen is the fuel of the future because it doesn’t create carbon gases when ignited. That means no more global warming.

Even though hydrogen is one of the most common elements on earth. Only way to get it is by separating water molecules with electricity through electrolysis.


Scientists hope to avoid the process of using electricity. By using the huge amount of energy that is emitted on Earth through sunlight.

According to Hoffdchmift this device is made to elevate the experiments from smaller to larger laboratories. When scientists comprehend the technique of creating hydrogen with “Synlight”, they can advance to using it for industrial needs.

The main goal is to use real sunlight instead of the device, which costs around 3,5 million euros and spends the same amount of electricity as a 4-membered family would for a year.


The hydrogen manifests a few flaws like his flammability, but in combination with carbon monoxide it can be used to produce ecological kerosene.