A Woman From Australia Claims That She Is “Half-Alien”

A woman from Australia claims that she is “half-alien” and that every month she visits the “Gray” on their spaceship.

Judy Carroll, 64, from Brisbane, Australia said that since she was little she can communicate with aliens, but the first meeting took place when she was 30 years old.

Since then at least once a month she visits aliens in their spaceship that look like an island in Greece. Judy also believes that her DNA has been perfected and now she is half-alien.

She call the aliens “Grays” and describes them as weak creatures without hair and eyes in the form of a tear. They pointed her that she should learn to meditate in order to communicate with them. She describe the spaceship as pure white, with beautiful semicircular pillars and no sharp corners.

Judy didn’t told anyone about her “capability” at first, but later she told her husband and he began to notice them too.

Carol has written several books about her encounters with the aliens and although she is not always remembering them so well. She managed to remember that they made experiments on people on their ship.

She developed a close relationship with her teacher from “Grays”, Maris, who heals her everytime when she is sick. “I remember how he was massaging my neck and put his long fingers into my throat and he managed to reduce the tension in me,” said Judy.

Carroll points out that these aliens are not hostile and they had come to help the humanity I order to progress and evolve.