The Genius Scientist Stephen Hawking And A Russian Billionaire Invested $ 100 Million And Caught 11 Alien Signals

The project “Breakthrough Listen”, which is a SETI project from the widest scale, was launch two years ago, and it announced the preliminary results of its hunt for radio signals from extraterrestrial beings. Currently they processed 11 potentially promising signals.

Andrew Siemion from the SETI Center at the University of Berkeley, said that the whole world can have access to this materials because the scientists which are involved in the project sent all their datas and their scientific articles for publication to the leading astronomical journals and portals worldwide.

“We still have not found unequivocal trace of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, but we have just started with this research. What we have done in the framework of “Breakthrough Listen” allows us to conduct deeper in more systematic searches, “said Siemion.

Two years ago, the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, along with cosmologist Stephen Hawking invested $ 100 million in equipment to search for aliens and this is known as the Breakthrough Listen initiative.

“It was a SETI project from the widest scale, a project announced by Phoenix in 1995, which in turn was the successor from the canceled project SETI effort to NASA 10 years ago which cost just 100 million dollars” …

In October and November last year, the project has entered the stage of implementation. Scientists and engineers from Breakthrough Listen installed devices that have been developed to search for extraterrestrial life in the US GBT telescope, his Australian “cousin” in Parks Observatory and enlisted the support from the scientific team of the world’s largest radio telescope FAST China. Now Siemion and his colleagues published the preliminary results of their search for aliens from 692 nearby stars. They announced the results on the website of the project.

In addition, they announced the discovery of 11 potential clues that may indicate the existence of life outside our planet. The traces were captured by the telescopes from various ranges of radio shows.

Anyone who is interested in these “Messages From Outer Space” can download and analyze the data in order to help the scientists.