Smart Bandage: Will Be Able To Follow The Healing Of The Wound…

A group of scientists from the Swansea University in Wales, plan to begin with testing a bandage which will monitor the healing of the wound and will send data to the doctors.

Scientists claim that with the help of this bandage the optimal therapy can be applied very quickly for each individual patient. The bandage will send data to the doctors from the wound with a wireless Internet connection, and will allow monitoring the physical activity of the patient.

In the development of this smart bandage a nanotechnology was used which is the key factor in monitoring the healing of the wound using a miniature sensors.

The head of the Institute of Science (ILS), Mark Clement revealed that for the development of this bandage is used an advanced 5G technology which will be further refined in the future, eventually, the bandage could serve patients in the most effective way possible.

“All data will be combined and sent to the hospital in real time, so the doctors will know the condition of the wound and the treatment should be more efficient,” said Professor Marc Clement.

The experts who work on the nano-technology that will be used for the development of the smart bandage, will develop a miniature sensors using 3D printers, and is expected, the entire process of producing a smart bandage to be made using a 3D printer.