The Mysterious Sealed Door Of The Ancient Temple Padmanabhaswamy: No One So Far Had Managed To Open It, And It’s Considered That Hides Unimaginable Wealth

The mysterious door of the ancient temple Padmanabhaswamy is protected by two large cobras, which are painted on the door and it don’t have handle, latch or any other subject that can help you get inside.

It is thought that the inside has unimaginable wealth to which can only come “Sadhus” who has the knowledge of “Garuda mantra” a secret track for using that closed door.

The hindu priests said that at this moment, there is no man who can open these doors using the “Garuda mantra.” This magnificent temple that rightfully holds the title of richest institution and the most religious place in world history.

With an estimate of 22 billion dollars worth of gold, diamonds, jewelry, gold vessels, weapons, gold figures and diamond necklaces with an approximate weight of 500 kg.

In addition to countless bags full of gold coins from different parts of the world and ceremonial costumes with rubies and emeralds, which are stored in the underground vaults.

The gilded exterior shows only a part of the true picture of the temple. Located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India the ancient temple has 8 underground vaults of which only 5 are opened and explored.

The temple is mentioned only in Sango period literature, between 500 and 300 BC. The temple is one of the 108 major Divya Desams (“holy dwelling”).

Interestingly, there is no exact date of when the temple was built. Most impressive and the most mysterious feature of this temple is the secret room. Legends say that anyone who dared to open the door had a disastrous results.

This mysterious door is called chamber B.

Today the Padmanabhaswamy temple is one of the most protected places on the planet, secured by metal detectors, security cameras and more than two hundred guards, some of which are equipped with heavy weapons.