A Diet Which Will Help You Solve Your Problems

Many people suffer from elevated value of uric acid. To solve this problem, despite the use of medications you can solve it with a proper diet, which is advised by the doctors.

Within this hygienic-dietary regime, liver, kidneys, brain, and tongue are banned, meat extracts, bacon, and pork, beef and goose meat.

Also the sardines, shellfish, canned meat and canned fish are not allowed on the menu.

In moderate amounts you can eat rye bread, cauliflower, spinach, chicken, ham, mutton, crab and mushrooms. The fat in your diet should also be limited.

You are allowed to eat white bread, baked goods, crackers, wheat muesli, pasta, corn flour.

On the list of required products are eggs, milk, young cheese, carrots, celery. All vegetables are recommended, even potatoes, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and all kinds of fruits and juices.