What to Expect When Puberty Hits !!!

When the puberty hit the children they face a series of physical and psychological changes.

The eleventh year of life is very important for most of the children, because then begins the process of excessive secretion of sex hormones.

In the next few years will make the child’s body transform into a body of a young man or young woman.

Although they are still emotional and social immature, the young people at the end of this process, which we call puberty, will become capable of creating a new life.

By entering into the puberty another phase of childhood ends, in which the child was a child in the true sense of the word. Although the word puberty comes from the Latin word pubes, meaning a mature person, he does not refer to attain maturity in the full sense, but only to achieve sexual and reproductive maturity.

The period of puberty ends in the 14th year and then begins a period of overall maturity, adolescence, which lasts until the early twenties.

When puberty will accelerate growth and when the body starts changing, it will develop secondary sexual characteristics (breasts, pubic hair, Adam’s Apple), then the young person begins to change the self-image.

The awareness of your body, specifically of your look is the foundation on which one’s identity rests. The root of the word personality comes from the word person, that it is the only physiognomy of a person.

Therefore the carnal “I” is the basis on which someone builds his identity, says the psychotherapist Zoran Milivojevic for “Politics.”

Bodily changes in puberty are becoming a reason for the change of identity, and the perception of himself.

Pioneer Serbian Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Pavle Milekic says that this psycho-sexual development at puberty systematize in several stages, which can help parents to better understand their children.

In the first phase the young person who is in puberty is very interested in the bodily changes that occur. Besides curiosity it has interest in whether everything will be fine.

It is characteristic that in that period they often sees themselves in the mirror, getting used on their new look. Exactly because of the orientation of the person itself. This is called auto erotic stage.

The second phase is one in which the young person compare his new body with other people of the same sex of his generation, desiring through this comparison to be more accurate and to evaluate himself.

Because of this interest in the others this phase is called homo erotic stage. It is a natural stage where a young person trying to determine its position within the same sex and that does not mean that he will move in a homosexual sexual orientation.

When a young person will found the value of their properties within the same gender, then there is interest in persons of the opposite sex, which is the third stage, called hetero erotic stage.

With a further development, by connecting sexuality and love, a person passes in the fourth, hetero sexual stage.