Replace Your Pillow Every 2 Years!

The pillow should be replaced every two years to avoid the various allergic reactions such as runny nose, coughing and stinging and watery eyes.

An enzyme found in the faeces of germs can cause flu-like symptoms.

To resolve the problem regular vacuuming can help, and according to experts, the pillow can be put in the freezer in order to kill the germs. Also, you should avoid drying clothes on heating due to increasing humidity, which is favorable for germs.

The allergy to the excrement of hundreds of small microscopic organisms that live in the pillows is manifested by a runny nose. Symptoms are also coughing and itchy and watery eyes.

It is known that millions of extinct skin cells accumulate every day in our beds.

Dr. Lisa Ackerley says that germs themselves do not transmit disease, but some people are allergic to the enzyme in their faeces.

– If the person has asthma, the condition worsens. You will constantly have a problem with a runny nose, stinging eyes, watery eyes and coughing, although the symptoms are unpleasant, germs also can cause serious health problems, she said.

Ackerley recommendes to not place the bed in the morning because the germs love heat, so if you place back the bedclothes it can creates a hostile environment for them.

Also, she recommendes washing and drying the pillows, because that hot flush kills the germs.

– Sometimes place the pillows in the refrigerator because the cold kills the germs and avoid drying clothes on steam because the moisture makes your house attractive to germs added Ackerley.