The Secret Of The Seabed Is Finally Discovered: Here’s For What Served This 2,000 Year Old Computer

Among the items found in the shipwreck of 1901, many attractive discoveries was found near Antikythera, also a mechanism that then represented the biggest draw but still after 116 years later, it raises many questions among the scientists.

The Antikythera Mechanism is 2,000 old computer that is a real puzzle and researchers over the past 10 years analyze all fragments of it with the latest equipment and technology, and they now believe that they are finally able to discover its real purposes.

The mechanism was housed in a wooden box that indicates the fragments around him. The computer is similar to the clock, and the handle of his side was used for winding which shifted its gears and at least seven pointers that moved in different speeds.

Unlike the clock, the pointers mapped the positions of celestial bodies and eclipses.

The textual guide of this mechanism helped them to understand the meaning of the position.

It was believed that it was an astronomical calculator, which the ancient Greeks used to monitor the movement of the sun, moon and planets, and this information itself is pretty impressive for the device which is over 2,000 years old.

The years passed in study has convinced the scientists that the mechanism has a “supernatural” order. In fact, researchers believe that the mechanism was used to predict the future based on the eclipse of the Sun and its colors.

Scientists are still not sure how to explain this, but they believe that the color of the eclipse was a clear sign of what the future holds.

This hypothesis emphasizes the historian Alexander Jones of the University of New York.

“Antikythera Mechanism blurs the boundary between science and the supernatural, but no matter it provides a key insight into how the ancient Greeks viewed the natural world.

This was not a research tool or something in which astronomers could make calculations or astrological predictions, but device through which they learned about the universe and our place in it. I would say this is a similar tool as in philosophy, ”said Jones.

The eclipse of the sun is not so unusual phenomenon, but there are a number of variations, from those in which only a small part of the sun is hidden until completely eclipse. Depending on the intensity, the color of the sky may have many variations.

The Greeks probably followed and tried to relate the events that have occurred.

Given that, at that time among them the astronomy was flourished, it’s no wonder that the early scientists were trying to predict the future by following the celestial events.

This complex and complicated mechanism amazes many scientists especially because of his age, about which is also hotly debated. Most, however, agree that the mechanism was built between 60 and 200 BC, but because of the weather and the sea a 100 fragments were removed of this mechanism.

In addition, numerous inscriptions were engraved on the mechanism of thickness of 1,2 mm. Thanks to the new techniques of X-ray pictures, scientists were able to discover that with this device people were able to predict the eclipse sometimes, followed the movement of the sun, moon and stars and the position of the five planets that were known (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter).