5 History Mysteries That Remain Unsolved!

Who was Jack the Ripper, what happened to the ship Mary Celeste, does the science and religion defies the Turin canvas? These are just some of the great mysteries of history.

 1, Mary Celeste

What happened to the crew of the American commercial ship Mary Celeste? This is the biggest unsolved maritime mystery. The ship was found 400 miles east of the Azores, on December 5, 1872, by another merchant ship. The captain of the other boat said that Mary Celeste was found in “full wet mess,” the personal belongings of the crew and the goods were still on the ship, only the lifeboat was gone. There was no trace of the Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs, his wife, their young daughter and the experienced crew. There have been several attempts by many authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle to explain this mystery, but none could give a concrete and logical answer.

2, Jack the Ripper

The true identity of this monstrous killer is a mystery. More than a century of the gruesome serial killings in East London in 1888, the theories are still circling about who might be Jack the Ripper. Only one detective said that he who took a DNA from a scarf from one of the 5 victims and identified the suspect as a Polish immigrant – Aaron Kosminsky, who was also called the “Whitechapel murderer.”

Patricia Cornwell and Russell Edwards are doing everything to find the culprit. According to some theories, Jack is a deranged surgeon who killed his wife to protect his royalty. Professor William Rubinstein describes this story as “pure nonsense from the beginning to the end.”

3, The flying saucers “Kenneth Arnold”

The idea of UFOs was born when a private pilot Kenneth Arnold noticed strange flying object near the Cascade Mountains in Washington the afternoon of June 24, 1947. Arnold described the object in the shape of a bat, traveling like a dish that stands out from the water surface. Then the newspapers came out the title “flying saucers.” Two weeks after Arnold gave his statement to the US Air Force, they confirmed that remnants of a “flying disk” had been recovered from a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Since then many controversys are circulating about what Arnold actually saw.

4, The devil footsteps

Early in the morning of February 9, 1855, people in the cities across the south of Devon woke up with a strange mystery. There were strange footsteps in the snow from an animal with hooves, in a straight line 65 kilometers long. Some were saying that it was a kangaroo, badger or rat, but the superstitious people believe that this was a work of the devil. They can not still explain how an animal could go in a straight line 65 kilometers long.


5,Turin canvas

This piece of cloth is kept in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, in northern Italy and it is one of the most explored objects in human history, but his secret is now revealed. Many Christians consider that this is the cloth in which Jesus was buried in Nazareth. It shows the imprint of the face of a man who suffered injuries consistent with crucifixion, but scientists could not find a solution about its creation. According to some researches with carbon in 1988 it is believed that the cloth originates from the Middle Ages, but there is still debate over whether such a research is correct or true.