Powerful Russian Recipe For Permanent Hair Removal From Your Face And Body!

If you prefer a healthy lifestyle and many experiments, then this Russian recipe, from which the your will be permanently removed – is the right for you.

The reasons for the unpleasant hair are different, some of them are visible because of the genetics, some because of hormonal disorders, and some of them are visible because of the use of oral contraceptives.

To remove the hair from your face and body, you need only two ingredients.


About 500 grams of walnut shells

1 liter of water


Before you start using this medicine, consult your doctor!


You need to collect more nutshells and ignite them until they become ashes.

1 tablespoon ashes should be topped with 1 liter of water.

Allow the liquid to stand for 12 hours.

Soak a cotton tissue in the liquid and moisten the parts of your body where you want to remove the hair.

The procedure should be repeated several times a day, and you can make coatings that will hold for approximately 30 minutes.

Your hair soon will be thinner, and after several months it will be fully disappeared.

If you decide to try this recipe, the best is to start by applying it in your less sensitive areas in order to see how your skin will react.