This Natural Antibiotic Kills Any Infection In Your Body

The tinctures exist for very long time, since the beginning of the distillation of alcohol. But with the development of the Western medicine these tinctures are thrown out as a folk medicine.

However, the tinctures are medicine. The alcohol used to separate the chemical ingredients from herbs or food creates a highly concentrated liquid that can be stored for long period.

Unlike the pills which are containing only one or several substances that are mostly artificial, the tinctures remain “full” because they are extracting all the goodness from the plants.

They are strong, and therefore it is important to treat them as a strong source of healthy benefits which rarely have mutual contraindications and side effects.

They are mazing also because you can easily make at home and you can customize them according to your needs. Usually the tincture is made with 80% alcohol, but for those who want to avoid alcohol, you can do them with glycerol or malic acid.

The tinctures with glycerin are great for kids because they are cute, but the final product is not so efficient and strong.

The tonic is intended for consumption over a long period, gradually and effectively strengthens and builds the system. Apple acid solvent is perfect when you want to make a tonic-tincture.

Not only is 100% non-toxic, but it also has many health benefits:

  • It regulates the acid-base balance
  • It helps in improving the digestive tract. If apple acid has an organic origin, it will contain symbiosis of good bacteria that are excellent probiotic.
  • Acetic acid has potent antimicrobial activity and has been shown to reduce cholesterol and helps with insulin sensitivity.
  • The apple acid is antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, also stimulates the release of energy that increases mental and muscle functioning.
  • It strengthens the immune system

 How can you make this amazing natural antibiotic?

Dr. Richard Schulz calls this Super Tonic and the recipe is spread on the Internet under the name Master Tonic, although the herbalists who have been doing this for centuries can take credit for it. However, the recipe is fantastic.

Remember, you only have to use organic ingredients.

“The fresh juice of the organic root is spreading his formula to the: head, sinuses, throat and lungs.

Garlic and onion, are the two best herbs for flushing the germs from your body.

The yellow root ginger and the juice of the Habanera peppers stimulate your blood and lymph and flow like no other herb, and helps with the action of the immune system.

The raw malic acid store all these juices and cleanses the body. “



Fresh Habanera peppers (or any other hot peper)

1 garlic

1 white onion

1 ginger

1 horseradish

refined malic acid

** You can also add cayenne pepper and turmeric root, but it is not part of the recipe of Dr. Schulz.


Fill a glass jar with herbs (chopped into smaller pieces) and cover with malic acid. Then place the tonic in a dark place for at least two to six weeks – the longer it stays, the stronger the tincture will be.

The best is to use a larger jar so you can do more in a quantity that will last. Then strain and store in a dark and cool place.


You can read the following on the packing of Dr. Schulz droplets:

Quantity: 60 drops

Warning: Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or you are sick. Stop using immediately if you notice a bad reaction.

Acting ingredient:


Contains: essential oils, sulfur compounds, germanium, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin C

Treatment: colds, flu, sore throat, helps digestion, stimulates production of white blood cells, anti septic, anti bacterial effect, anti bacterial, helps with the circulation problems and cholesterol, lowers blood and with the high glucose levels.


Contains: essential oils, gingerol, anti-inflammatory action, repairs damaged joints, improves the circulation, lowers the blood sugar, treats nausea, antiseptic.


It contains sulfur, quercetin, alinis, phytochemicals, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium.


Contains: antioxidants, phenolic compounds, carotenoids and ascorbic acid.


It contains sulfur, antioxidants, vitamin C, antibiotic and antiparasitic effect, increases the number of white blood cells, diuretic, to thin mucus and helps sinusitis, problems with the lungs, cough and asthma.