The Lines Of Your Wrist Are Revealing Your Future

Palmistry or palm reading is an ancient art that traces its roots back to the distant past. According to the beliefs in our wrists and hands are hidden characters that can reveal our future.

This technique originated in Hindu astrology and was quickly transferred from Asia to Europe, as Aristotle himself became interested in it and has transferred his knowledge to Alexander the Great.

He often used palmistry to estimate the character of his students. This practice has transmitted through the centuries, but today many consider it a superstitious belief.

Most people have heard of palm reading, but only a few know that you can read from the wrist, located at the bottom of the palm.

They are those lines inside our joints that separate the palm of our hand. It is believed that the more lines you have the longer you will live. Most people have 2-3 lines, only a few people have 4 lines.

The first line indicates your years, from 23 to 28, the second from 46-56 years, the third from 69-84 years. The fourth is more than 84 years of age. Wrap your palm inwards so you can clearly see the lines and you can start analyzing…

First line

The first row is the most important. If the line is clear, unbroken and deeply defined, then you can expect to enjoy good physical health and strength. If the line is blurred, broken and poorly defined, then the person is considered as weak.

Second line

The second line determines the richness of the personality. If it’s clearly defined, flat and continuous, then you can expect prosperity and happiness.

Third line

The third line is connected with the glory and power. If it is flat and continuous, then you’ll probably be very influential in your lifetime.

Fourth line

This line is generally parallel to the third and comes as its continuation. If you are among the few people who have the line that it just strengthens and enhances the opportunities for fame associated with the third line.