Myths About The Health Of Our Teeth In Which We Firmly Believe

Over time we have heard a variety of tips on how to maintain the health of our teeth, and since there are so many, it is likely to remember the sinful ones.

We know that the teeth are very important for our health, so we need to cater them daily and properly.

Myth: Sugar is the main enemy of our teeth

In fact, the bad bacteria is responsible for cavities. The remains of carbohydrates cause this bacteria. Besides sugar, even some fruits and baked goods are guilty of the poor health of our teeth.

Myth: Pregnant women can not visit dentist

On the contrary, if there is an inflammation in the oral cavity of a pregnant woman it have to be calm down fast. The main fear of a pregnant women is that antibiotics can affect the fetus. However, dentists know how to do their job without harming the baby.

Myth: You do not have to correct the decayed baby teeth

Baby teeth have thinner casing and are easily accessible for bacteria. However, a broken baby tooth can cause inflammation in the permanent teeth.

Myth: If you want to clean your teeth good, that you need to have a toothbrush with strong fibers

The best is to use a toothbrush with soft fibers. Dentists advise that it is the best choice because it does not damage the palate. The most important thing is to follow the basic rule: Brush your teeth twice a day and reverse the toothbrush every 3-4 months.

Myth: You have to use toothpick after eating

With toothpicks you only can damage the oral cavity much easier. Therefore, use dental floss, which can come in hard to reach places and to clean your teeth thoroughly.

Myth: The toothache is just indicative of a faulty tooth

Yes, it is mostly so, but it may be an indicator for painful sinuses. It is not always the problem in the teeth. So you need to visit your dentist and he will reveal exactly what is the problem.