“I Felt ill After This”: Take A Look At The New Controversial McDonald’s Advert That’s Causing Outrage!

After Pepsi withdrew the ad with Kendall Jenner in the lead role, the target of criticism became McDonald’s, because of the disturbing ad featuring a son finding solace in the loss of his father via a sandwich.

The ad, shows the young boy asking his mother questions about his deceased father whom he seems not to have known.  The climax occurs when she listed a few of his characteristics, none of which the kid seems to possess, they reach their neighborhood McDonald’s and sit down for a bite. As the boy reaches for his Filet-o-Fish, his mother said: “That was your dad’s favorite, too”.

“McDonald’s has just featured an ad that uses the death of a father of one child. Who needs love when there is food from McDonald’s?”

“I felt ill after this ad. I lost my father when I was 9 years old. And I certainly do not remember him because of some sandwiches.”

The ad angered the users of social media, the mothers and fathers of children who grew up without one parent. It’s scary to think that in the ad the child finds an emotional connection to his deceased father in a sandwich, and everyone is wondering how this ad will affect the children who are growing up without a father or a mother.

Social networks are going crazy, and after thousands of emails and complaints, McDonald’s apologized because of the disturbing content.