Elon Musk Launches A Company To Link Your Brain Directly To Computers

According to Elon Musk, the biggest challenge we face with coming AI is our own, meaty interface.  Our fingers; they type too slow.

What is his solution?  Well, (as noted in the title of this article) he plans to help us speed up our interface by directly linking our thoughts to the machine.  Say goodbye to typing and voice command; your thoughts will do this.

Musk is swiftly turning his vision into reality, as he does with so many other ventures he is working on.

The company is called Neuralink and is developing what is known as a “neural lace,” the device that will be implanted into the brain to enhance the interaction.  Registered, last year in California, as a medical company, they are blazing the trail of a future, integrated with AI.

Creator of Braintree, Bryan Johnson, is also delving into the research with a $100 million investment of his own to make neural code programmable.  “Our connection with our new creations of intelligence is limited by screens, keyboards, gestural interfaces, and voice commands,” he says, indicating they are “constrained input/output modalities.”  He goes on to explain “we have very little access to our own brains, limiting our ability to co-evolve with silicon-based machines in powerful ways.”

Perhaps, soon, we will be gaming, watching and working with machines as seamlessly as breathing.