The Latest Discovery In Quantum Physics Shows Reality Is Not What It Seems

All of the major theories of science are predicated on the idea that everything in this world is formed from building blocks of material particles.

However, new advances in the fascinating and ever-expanding field of quantum physics suggest that this long-held assumption might be completely wrong.


New experiments and studies conducted in laboratories such as CERN seem to suggest that everything is actually composed of energy rather than material particles, including human beings.

Researchers examining the behavior of particles on the quantum level have found through various experiments with particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN that the building blocks of matter appear to be composed of pure energy.

These experiments have also yielded some incredibly interesting results about the way sub-atomic particles behave when exposed to different interactions and observations. It has been found that when these particles are being observed, they begin to act as physical units.

However, when they are left unobserved for any period of time, they act as energy waves. This has suggested to many theoretical physicists that the material world is held together by consciousness rather than material reality.

Perhaps even more interestingly, researchers have also discovered that everything in the universe appears to be connected. This concept, which is referred to as quantum entanglement demonstrates that once particles have interacted with each other on one occasion, then they are irrevocably connected to one another and will respond to each other’s energetic cues.

This response occurs no matter how physically distant the two particles are from one another. Given that all of the particles currently in existence have been present in the universe since the Big Bang, it seems logical to assume that every single particle in the universe is connected in this manner.

The scientific theories that explain the bizarre behavior of particles on the quantum level are still in progress, and a great deal more research will need to be conducted before researchers truly understand what these observations mean.

However, it is certain that the discoveries relating to quantum physics over the past few years have the capacity to forever change the way that human beings understand and interact with the universe.