(VIDEO) Melted Ice Of Antarctica Discovered This Miracle!

Studying the pictures of the Earth’s surface, Valentin Degteryov revealed an unusual object in the Antarctica which he claims to be an alien ship, reports the Russian portal URA.

“I found something amazing. On the website “Google earth” the coordinates 73 ° 13’55.09 “J, 71 ° 57’12.98 Z (island Eklund) in Antarctica, 170 km from the shores of the rock is situated what is called spaceship,” said Valentin, whose theory is that the 600 meter long space ship hit a rock and is “forever” trapped.

“The photos are made in the period from 1989 to 2013, but everywhere is the same facility. Some are obvious some don’t. It has a unique shape – “ellipsoidal device shaped like a disk with visible missile engines,” said Valentin.

“Obviously this is the largest UFO on our planet. It is well preserved and will not be hard to find, “he added.