Flying, Falling: You Shouldn’t Ignore These Dreams!

Most people claim that they can never remember what they dreamed. Many wake up, thinking that they dreamed nothing during the night.

But this is not true. Everyone dreams at night and psychologists claim that dreams can reveal problems that bother you consciously or subconsciously.

Therefore, it is important not to ignore the following dreams:


Dreams in which there is flying usually means that we need to work on our power and ambition. Flying is closely linked to power and influence. So, if you dream to fly, expect to be faced with serious and important decisions.


When we feel that we lose control over some things in life, then most of the time we dream that we are  falling. If you dream that you are falling, it is a sign that you need to face your biggest fears and work on them.


The element that most often appears in our dreams and reveals our emotional state. If the water is clear, you are emotionally balanced. If you dream flood or waves, it means anxiety. The waterfall however, is a sign of a new chance and a new beginning.


If you dream many insects, it is a warning that you are approaching a very minor problems. In translation, it’s time for you to start work on your problems, not to push them under the carpet.

5.Tooth loss

This is a common nightmare which means that you lose control and power over some areas of life, and as a result you lose your self-confidence.


Dreaming of death means the end of a period or an event in your life. There is no room for panic, it does not mean the end of life, but the end of a particular situation and logging on to something new.


Dreams of pregnancy mean growth and expansion on your successes.


If someone is haunting you, it’s never a good thing, not even in a dream. The person that is haunting you is usually the reason for the fears or the problem you want to get away in real life.


If you see it from afar, it can means a huge desire for something. On the other hand, if you are “playing” with fire, it means that you often find yourself in difficult situations. But if you try to start the fire, then you probably suppress rage and anger in real life.

10 Nudity

If you dream that you are naked, it can be a sign of lack of confidence and security, especially if you dream that you are naked in a public place where many people can see you.