Why do Some People Become Psychopaths?

Many studies on psychopaths are made so far, and in many of them the intention is to discover what actually creates them.

It is known that these people have no sense of empathy, which leads to lying, and in extreme cases, violence. They also tend to manipulate people without any sense of guilt, in order to achieve their own interests.

While many argued that psychopaths are born that way, new researches shows us that psychopaths are created by the education, which is logical.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology conducted an analysis of all previously published researches in the last 30 years. It turns out that each of these studies shows that the profile of psychopaths has some own background. Specifically, that it always comes to psychological or physical abuse.

“In the aforementioned descriptions of the cases it’s shown that these kind of persons sometimes also have a need for close relationships and they are not all the same. At the same time, they are aware that such a relationship is impossible to realize”, explain the researchers.

Overall, the problem lies in education, or in the relationship they had with their parents. “Or lived in families in which no one took care of them, or were under total control of their parents.”