The Eternal Dilemma: Here’s Why The Bottled Water Have An Expiration Date

Maybe it never came to your mind, but the bottled water also have an expiration date.

The water that we buy at some shop, whether mineral or plain, have debossed “is best used to.” That, however, does not mean that after that period (which is usually a year or two) is unusable.

If you did not open the bottle, the expiration date of the water is endless and the water is safe for drinking, explain the experts.

Of course, the requirement is the water to be hygienically bottled, according to the German Institute “SGS Fresnius” which deals with laboratory analyzes.

When the bottle is opened, the situation is quite different. In that case, the water should be drunk within a few days. In an opened bottle can enter many organisms and reproduce very quickly, especially if the water is left out of the refrigerator, explain the experts.