Pyramids And Technology Concealed Under The Bermuda Triangle Are Unknown To The Modern Science

Are these the news about the Bermuda Triangle that we all are waiting for? According to the oceanographer, the technology that lies at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle is unusual and probably does not come from our planet.

Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” the Bermuda triangle comprises a region in the North Atlantic Ocean and is defined by the points between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. It lies about 2 km from each side. The triangle does not exist according to the US Navy and the name is not recognized by the Board for Geographical Names in the United States.

Many rumors are circulating for this mysterious place linking it with supernatural phenomena. Is it possible that Bermuda Triangle hide secrets from another world? One thing is for sure, this place “swallowed” many ships and planes and is responsible for the death of hundreds of people.

Two huge pyramids made of some sort of thick glass were discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The technology found in this place is a real mystery for scientists. These structures are located at a depth of 2,000 meters and were discovered by the German oceanographer, Dr. Meyer. He and his team were using sonar equipment in order to discover the anomaly. According to reports the US military has stopped the investigation of Meyer.

Meyer firmly believes that the disclosure of the secret of the pyramids can resolve the issue for all the mysterious disappearances of objects in the triangle. According to other scientists pyramids are made of some kind of crystal that has a magnetic effect.

For these pyramids, which no one was able to photograph are said to be three times larger than the largest pyramid at Giza. Many people believe that the government and the army discovered the secret behind the pyramids but want to hide from the public.

We can’t say with certainty whether Meyer is telling the truth or not, because according to him the military took all documents that were part of his research. Bermuda Triangle has a long history of disappearances but there are more evidences that may finally end this mystery.