Playing God: Scientists Claim They Can Wake Up The Dead With Their Miraculous Serum

Scientists in Latin America bring the concept of “playing God” on a completely different level, where one US company plans to test a revolutionary method of stem cell on patients who are brain dead, and they believe they can revive them.

“Bioquark”, a company based in Philadelphia, shocked the public last year when they announced that they can beat the brain death. Most of the countries required a person to experience a complete and irreversible loss of the brain functions, which essentially means that the brain will be totally dead, in order to declare him officially dead.

However, the director of “Bioquark”, Pastor Ira says his company developed injections that can restore the brain and effectively bring the people back from the dead.

The injections are not tested on animals, which is a prerequisite for testing on people in many countries, so that is why the tests will be held in an unspecified country in Latin America. The tests that were planned for India last year, are finally blocked by the Council for Medical Research.

According to the company’s plans for this study, the subjects will be people from 15 to 65, whose brain is declared dead after an injury. Their plans involve collection of stem cells from the blood of the patients and then inject the stem cells back into their bodies.

This will be followed by peptide injections into the spinal cord.

The final phase includes 15 days of nerve stimulation through laser and stimulation of the median nerve in an attempt to beat the death of the brain, while patients will be regularly monitored through magnetic resonance.

When the brainstem function in people is lost, and they are no longer considered alive, their bodies still may carry some functions. This may include blood circulation, gestation, digestion of food, and even sexual maturation. Some electronic brain activities can also continue, but it is not enough for the whole body to function.

This team believes that the stem cells of the brain can wipe out your history and essentially re-start the life. Although people do not have essential regenerative capabilities in the central nervous system, they believe it is a process similar to that used by animals such as lizards who can regenerate their limbs. The amphibians and some fish also can repair their parts of the brain.

This research opens up a whole string of ethical questions even before it begins, starting with the issue of consent. In this case, the patients who are technically dead can not agree on anything. It requires a consent of the person who is representing the patient. However, it is difficult to know if somebody will accept such a thing.

If a brain function is restored, what kind of life would the patients have? Will they become live scientific experiments? Will their memories be untouched or they will wake up confused and surrounded by people who they do not know?

If you think this sounds ambitious, the company has set its intentions even further in the future. They are part of an even larger project known as “ReAnima”, which explores the potential of biotechnology for “human neuro-regeneration and neuro-resuscitation”.